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Who we are


We are experienced buyers, category managers, and purchase directors of furniture companies in many countries. We have been in the furniture business for almost 20 years, and all our trade with Asian producers, huge business challenges, cultural barriers, and business strategies brought us where we are today. 

We have gathered our experiences, partners, suppliers, know-how and brought them to a new company DESIGNlink.


How does it work?

At DESIGNlink, we offer you direct container purchase in an easy way.​

We have had a long-term relationship with some of the best international suppliers and also access to a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture: dining, sofas and lounges, rattan, home decor, office, shade, outdoor furniture, heaters, and planters. You name it.

This is how we work: At first we hear customers' needs and goals. After getting a better picture of their business, we either come up with our product suggestions or we get the customers' articles to be quoted. All you have to do is choose.

Once you place your order with us, we handle it all: down payments, negotiation with a supplier, quality control, logistics, packaging, and delivery.

DESIGNlink company

DESIGNlink is a Danish company with many years of experience in furniture purchase. Now we have sales offices in Denmark, Poland, and the Czech Republic – and a very close relationship with our worldwide network of trustworthy suppliers.

We work flexibly

We offer unique flexibility in terms of product customization. We are flexible regarding design and packaging and we even offer low MOQs for you to get exactly the product you want most cost-effectively

We take the risk

We have a strong relationship with our suppliers. They are all hand-picked to meet our strict requirements regarding delivery time and high-quality standards. We take the risk and responsibility for your orders.

Product sourcing or key articles?

Do you want to save time on sourcing new products? Or do you need a place to produce
your key articles? 
We have a wide network of furniture suppliers worldwide, so just give us your wish list and let us help you save time. For your key articles, we have the best network of reliable suppliers. We guarantee both your deliveries and the best prices on the market. If you look for new products, we would love to help you!

Custom-made furniture

If you want your own designed furniture, we can help you to customize it.

You can choose from various materials which we can match with all colors. If you wish to change the sizes of the product, we can help as well. It’s always nice to stand out. Packaging is done according to your wish with customized labels and assembly instructions. We offer usual packing but also special mail-order packaging to ensure that online customers receive their orders in good condition.

Advantages of working with DESIGNlink


To make sourcing, design, and logistics easier for you, we have established the following:

  • Effective communication with our partners

  • Thorough knowledge of our customers’ markets and demands

  • A highly efficient organization that keeps your costs low

  • Elaborate product information system with easy access to product data and pictures

  • Flexibility in MOQs and customized furniture

  • Strong DESIGNlink organization helping you to get through the whole process

We source products from all over the world to make sure we meet all the needs and requirements of our customers. At DESIGNlink we currently supply furniture to a wide range of businesses worldwide, e.g. furniture shops, chain stores, international e-shops, DIY, and builders merchants.


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Morten Juel

Western & Northern Europe

+45 5356 6056

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Kenneth Olsbro Mejrup

Western & Northern Europe

+45 30 57 12 27

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Stefan Nussbaumer
SQ Low-res GP.jpg
George Pandeyan

Central & Eastern Europe

+420 725 845 724

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Mariusz Nawrocki
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