Our services

One Quality. The Best.

DESIGNlink, we offer you direct container purchase in an easy way.

Our goal is to constantly provide complex service for our customers. We take care of everything from production to quality and delivery. We believe in convenience. Our main task is to make it easy and pleasant for our customers to do their business. 

One step ahead

Thanks to sales data from our European countries we operate in, we can provide you with information on what is currently selling elsewhere in Europe. This way, you will be one step ahead of your competition because you will know what demand can be expected on your local market. Of course, it gives you excellent prices as well. 


Lowest prices

In business, Asians put a lot of emphasis on a personal relationship.  Thanks to our harmonious relationships, which we have been maintaining for 15 years, we now enjoy very good business conditions. The producers also accommodate the prices to our needs. We strive to keep our costs down to offer the most competitive prices on the market. And we are able to pay deposits of up to 30% and help customers with their cashflow. They pay at the end of the process.  

Quality assurance

We perform strict quality control for every single item and for each customer separately. We receive reports on the quality controls so everything can be traced. Thanks to these investments, we have managed to reduce the number of complaints to the bare minimum and  save you worries and money.

Safety & security

There is always a certain risk when trading with manufacturers from Asia. Many factors can fail. In such a case, law-enforcement and trade commitments enforceability are quite low. We, however, cooperate with reliable manufacturers and always have a Plan B on hand. You sign a contract with an European company who will do business on behalf of you. We provide a guarantee and we always live up to our commitments.


Professional logistics

We perform, together with manufacturers, a container shipment overview every week. We know, what will be shipped and when and what must be done to arrange it. We do our best to ensure reliable shipment. We prepare everything in cooperation with a carrier (hired by you or us) and you have nothing to worry about.