About our assortment

Even though we are able to produce or design any possible article on customers' demand, we also have a long-term assortment available, which we have had the best experience with. We endeavour to refresh the assortment regularly and to be a supplier who brings new fresh ideas. 

All our articles are produced  following high quality standards. Follows CE requirements and are precisely controlled in production. 

Specific product adjustment and labelling belong to common requirements we can satisfy. We always provide complex services to our customers. 

Garden furniture

See examples of our garden furniture articles, which we have been sourcing in Asia and sold to our customers all over Europe. All rattan articles are are handwoven and made very precisely. They are weather resistant and can be used for outdoor activities. 

Indoor furniture

An extremely wide range of products. Many different designs, materials, styles, various use. Promotional articles, the mass market but also high-end special products. We strive to have solutions for everybody.